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Making Notes


Ms. Terri McGuire has been a Godsend for my family! She's always knowledgeable about the million medical questions I've had and patient in explaining everything to me in layman's terms. She taught me about various medical terminology, about tests needed and the implications of treatment plans available. My husband was recently hospitalized and I don't know what we would've done if it weren't for her support.

I'm a hundred percent confident she saved his life by insisting we go to the hospital when we did. Even while we were there, she taught me of the right questions to ask and explained the doctors' answers to us. I can't stress enough the importance of having a knowledgeable healthcare advocate that is not tainted by racial biases. Although my husband's doctors were great, I felt reassured knowing that Ms. McGuire was also there.


Terri is an excellent practitioner. Our family has come to rely on her expert perspective from dealing with the simple cold to regulating blood pressure. She uses a great blend of professionalism and compassion. Terri's compassion has extended beyond the office to following up to ensure we are doing well past the diagnosis. She is now a staple in our family who we look forward to having in our lives for many years to come.​​


Terri came to us at a time of much needed support and information surrounding my husband’s serious heart health condition. She was highly recommended by a very close family friend. She did not, and has not, disappointed us. Her calm spirit and caring demeanor put me at ease at once during our initial consultation.

Terri immediately worked to understand the history of my husband’s circumstances and offered valuable information and resources to assist in areas of concern. She provided questions for us to ask to gain clarity and participates in family conferences with the medical team where she can also openly engage in the conversation.

Terri has also shown great empathy for what I am experiencing as a caregiver for my loved one and offers guided meditation, links for meditation, self-care, meal prep and nutritional information.

To say Terri has been a blessing and a wealth of support and information is an understatement.

My heart is full. Thank you Terri!



Thank you for always being available when patient has appointments. Your questions help me to make good decisions about their care.

~Primary Care Physician 


Outstanding presentation. Will definitely look at some of the elements when training my staff for field work.

Excellent presentation. The table of the 3-pronged approach to move forward for patients, health care providers, and health care organizations was especially helpful. Thank you. 

Terri provided a thoughtful overview and gave concrete tips for providers to use when interacting with patients. Thank you! Well done!

I enjoyed this session. I could tell how passionate the speaker was in regard to this topic. I thought the three-pronged approach was interesting and a great way to approach health literacy.

~Attendees for Presentation: Personal and Organizational Health Literacy: Let's eVolve and Shift Narratives


Loved this presentation. It really showcased a big issue within the health and medical community. Learned a lot about what to look out for and how to address this if it happens to me.

Excellent talk, very important topic that involves both health equity and health literacy. This talk or content should be included in all health professionals education and re-visited regularly! Thank you!

This was very interesting. The case studies were very impactful and helped me to apply the content to practice.

~Attendees for Presentation: Medical Gaslighting and Gatekeeping Is Antithetical to Improving Health Literacy and Outcomes


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